Email Bidding

Is Email marketing your highest ROI marketing channel? Would you like to invest more in email marketing and get more results? Is it too much hassle or don’t know how to do it?
With this solution you can send emails to new potential customers from our partner’s opt-in databases.
And what’s better, you can target your segments and pay in CPC model!

Transparency and Trust

  • Get near real time results of your campaign and understand how your campaign is performing
  • Understand everything that is happening with your campaign, day by day
  • Your campaign will be set to opt-in subscribers from our trusted partners network
  • Partners are verified and evaluated to become part of the network

Self-Service Platform

Don’t wait days or weeks to start your campaign.
With our self-service platform you can create a new campaign in a few minutes and start the execution right away!

All about Performance

Our platform will learn which subscribers are more interested in your campaign, and will automatically target those subscribers, avoiding sending messages to less performing subscribers.

Easy and Powerful Analytics

  • Explore your campaign’s performance by socio-demographics, interests and behavior
  • Analyze and test which subjects and creativities work better for your campaign
  • Get insights about ISPs, technologies, geographies

Control Everything

  • Pay on a performance based: CPC

  • Daily and total budget

  • Campaign period

  • Define your own Suppression lists

  • Define your target audience

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